In this article, we will discuss what are some possible changes that we do in the blog post. Also, I gave you the best tips to get high traffic after the update of your blog post. let we don’t waste the time to get started on the topic.

How do you edit a blog that you already published?

Should you delete old blog posts

If you are updating your old blog posts means there are some of the reasons:

  1. Update my old blog for SEO
  2. Make your content a quality
  3. Internal and external linking

These are the major things that you would have been to edit or update your blog post.

How do I update my old blog for SEO?

If an article is not getting enough traffic on your website. then you may update your keywords by editing your old blog posts into a new ones.

How do I find my popular keywords?

Should you delete old blog posts

Before that, you need to submit your site or blog in the google search console. then only you are able to see your website analytics. That means you may see the impressions, clicks, average position, and ctr.

If you didn’t submit your website in the google search console. do it first then only you will get click organically from the google search engine. after submitting a week you are able to see your website analytics.

If you are writing articles and publishing in the blogger. you need to do some basic SEO settings in blogger. Then only you are able to rank in the search engines.

Now, we will see how to find the popular keywords for my website.

On the google search console, you may see the website performance. After that, you are able to see the analytics of your site in that click the new button and add your blog page link in it.

After you add your link you may see the keywords with the ranking position in the google search engine. Set the position in ascending to descending to know the position of ranking easily.

Place the keywords in the title, meta tag, and description which have more impression and less position. It will give clicks for the blog post organically on the google search engine.

In this way, you may need to update your other blog posts to rank high and increase your website ctr easily.

Make your content a quality

Should you delete old blog posts

Here I tell you the secret to get high-quality content for your blog post and website articles.

How do I make my blog content better quality?

You may know your blog has to get traffic from the search engines but the user experience in your site was low. It may cause a bad experience and also low content for the users. It may decrease your rankings in the search engines.

While updating your blog posts, update them by adding a minimum of 100 words to the article. And also check your competitor's website. the same content appears means try to give or write an article in a different manner. It will give the best user experience and make high-quality content.

The important thing is updating your old blog posts that may have old contents or not on the internet. And check the broken links of your site or blog often.

This makes your blog content has a better quality for your visitors.

Internal and external linking

Should you delete old blog posts

On our website, already we publish an article about inbound and outbound linking. If you have time check the article to increase your authority and best user experience.

In the ranking and SEO factor, inbound and outbound links are major things to rank your site in search engines and gives the best user experience.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can you edit a blog post after publishing?

Yes, you are able to update your blog post after publishing. And also make sure that you provide good content to your visitors.

Should you delete old blog posts?

No, it is bad to delete the old blog posts. If you are deleting the old posts then it may cause 404 errors in your website. So, try to update your old blog posts that will be good for your website or blog.

Do outbound links hurt SEO?

It is based on the website that you gave as the outbound links. If you gave a high domain authority website related to your article means it does not hurt SEO.


By reading the article, you may have a clear idea about how to solve the low-value content, place the right keywords and backlinks. Provide good and informational content to your visitors, it helps to increase the return of visitors to your website.

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