In this article, we will learn about how to write a blog in any language without typing. Here I tell you the best way to write your article without any delay or work. Let’s get into the topic.

What are the benefits of writing a blog?

write a blog post within 20 minutes

By writing an article in your blog, you are able to earn money from those articles. And get famous through your blog or website.

They are so many ways to get unique content on the internet to start a blog with a specific niche or category.

If you start writing content on your blog, you are able to build authority for your website. And many of the new people are getting connected through mail or social media by seeing your website.

You can learn some new skills and some technical knowledge by comparing your competitor's website.

While you are writing a blog you may earn money by ads, doing affiliates, and so on. On our website, we provided how to earn money by blogging if you have time then read it.

These are the benefits when you start a blog and writing a blog post to your blog or website.

How to write a blog post in any language without typing

write a blog post within 20 minutes

Before writing a blog post you need to start a blog in blogger or WordPress or any other platforms.

After creating a blog you are now ready to post your content in the blogger that’s why we need to start blog earlier. Now we will see how to write a blog post in any language without typing.

Google doc is an online tool that is like Microsoft word. But in the Microsoft some of the features are not there and also it is an offline tool.

Google docs will help you to write your content in your own language. Before start writing a language, you need to verify that the supported language on google and able to earn money from Google Adsense.

After checked the supported language. you start to write which means open the google docs online editor and start to speak whatever content that related to your niche.

whenever you complete a sentence by voice over you are able to see a sentence in google docs.

This is the best way to write content on your blog or website. And the important thing in this is before publishing it in your blog you should check the grammar mistakes and plagiarism of the article.

Then only it will index in the search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and so on.

Whenever you have a topic in your mind, open the google docs and set it into the voice capture and start speaking It will convert into a sentence.

Some of the tools that must be used by blogger

write a blog post within 20 minutes
Final word count:

If you are writing an article or voice-over in google docs, it shows the final word count of the article or the paragraph. It leads to identify the article word count.

The shortcut key of finding the word count of the whole article is Ctrl+Shift+C.

While you are pressing these three keys at a time you are able to see the word count of your article easily.

Align the text and images:

Alignment is the most important for a blogger. It gives the best user experience and also reads the article by aligning the text in the correct format.

Then only users have spent some minutes reading the article on your website. It leads to a decrease in the bounce rate of the website.

You are able to align those images into the text. It makes a good look to the visitors to read the articles.

Spelling checker:

While writing words continuously we are not checking the spelling mistakes that may appear in the paragraph.

With one click we are able to check the spelling mistakes in the paragraph.

And I give a bonus tool that makes it easy to check grammar mistakes. The tool was a Grammarly Chrome extension.

This chrome extension shows you the incorrect words to correct by clicking the words.

The shortcut key of the spelling checker in google docs is Ctrl+Alt+X.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I use google docs on the smartphone?

Yes, sure you can use google docs on your smartphone by installing it in the google play store. And you can work with google docs.

Is Google Docs safe for writing?

Google docs are safe for writing. after completes your article the article will save in your google drive as in the registered email ID.

Is Google Docs better than Word?

If you asked these questions for several years before I would say the word.

But now I will say google docs is the best for writing, editing, embedding youtube videos. It is easy to collaborate with others.

So, google docs is better than the word.

What is bad about Google Docs?

If you have an internet connection then only you are able to use google docs. This is the bad thing in google docs.


This article will help you to know about how to write a blog post without typing and some of the frequently asked questions about google docs.

This is simply easy to work in blogging. but before writing a blog post you must get an idea and also you would concentrate to speak in the google docs online editor. Then only it gives the matched sentence for your speaking words.

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