Why My Blog Does not showing Idea panel ? | Idea panel in blogger


Hello all! Here I will tell you why your blog does not provide you the idea panel on the right side of your blogger dashboard.

what is the purpose of showing the idea panel? and how to use the idea panel in your blog.

We will discuss step by step the idea panel tab. let's get started.

What is Idea Panel?

If you are using blogger then you will add your idea panel in your blogger dashboard. which is helpful to give you high-quality content.

That makes to increase your blog content quality.

How does the idea panel will work in blogger?

If you are writing content related to a particular niche or category like tech, gadgets review, application review, etc., 

This idea panel will suggest to you the topics that are related to articles that you had published earlier.

Most of the ideas are not answered and searched by the people in the search engines. This may increase your content quality.

In this way, you can get ideas from the idea panel in the blogger dashboard.

How to use the idea panel in a proper way in your blog?

There is no research about the content ideas if you have the idea panel in your blogger dashboard.

So, make use of the idea panel to write the content of more than 700 words with the best user experience in your blog. 

The Important thing while writing the content in your blog is to make sure the reading score and grammar mistakes in that article.

If you have done all of these correctly then you will get traffic organically.

Why my blog does not show the idea panel in my blogger dashboard?

Most of the bloggers made mistakes at the beginning stage while writing and posting content in their blog.

They don't know how to choose a niche and write content with a particular niche. this causes the ranking factor in the search engines. 

It also causes you to not shown the idea panel in your blogger dashboard.

By posting regular content and the same niche then it is easy to suggest topics and questions.

Once the queries are matched with your content then the idea panel automatically shows in your blogger dashboard. 

If the content doesn't match then the idea panel not shown on the posts page.

For example

Before choosing a niche, you must research the competition for the particular niche. And then find the micro-niches to get better results in the rankings.

If you choose a technology niche, then you must research what are micro-niches are available in the technology niche.

How to find the micro-niche?

There are so many tools are available to select the niches and micro-niche. some of the best tools are ahrefs and Semrush.

This tool will able to find the micro-niche easily. but if you use the tool means you need to buy for the cost.


If you write content by using the idea panel then there is no need for SEO (Search engine optimization). 

It will automatically get rank in the search engines and get clicks if the content will good.

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