How to earn money from blogspot|How to earn money in blogger


In this article, you will learn about how to earn money from Blogspot and earn money in blogger. Let us see one by one about blogging.

What is Blogging?

How to earn money from blogspot

Blogging is the process of writing content and it is a skill and also a hobby for many people to write articles. Blogger gives you to create a website without domain and without web hosting.

How To Earn Money From Blogspot?

I will tell you some of the best ways, how to earn money from Blogspot for free. It will make you earn money with the help of a blogger.

  1. Displaying Ads in Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sell E-books in your blog

Displaying Ads in Google AdSense

How to earn money from blogspot
How to earn money from blogspot

Google AdSense
is useful to earn money with help of the advertisers. If you are a publisher then you may sign up in the AdSense to earn money by blogging.

In your blog, you have good traffic and high-quality content then you may try to get approval with AdSense.

If your blog has the eligibility to get AdSense Approval with their policies then you will get approved.

How to Earn Money in Google AdSense?

You may have a doubt about how to earn money in Google AdSense? I will clear your doubt with understanding.

If You got AdSense approval then you may earn money from those ads.

For Example:

If the ad is showing in your blog, then some of your visitors watch those ads and click the ad then you may earn some amount of money.

The earnings will depend on the CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)

Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money from blogspot
How to earn money from blogspot

Most of the beginners in the bloggers are doing affiliate marketing. It is the easiest way to earn money from Blogspot. The import thing in the affiliate marketing is keyword research and ranking position.

How will you earn money through affiliate marketing?

If you have chosen the right affiliate networks then you may earn commissions for each sale of the product.

You may research your affiliate keywords in the popular researches tools like Semrush and ahrefs. some of the free tools are also available to get the data but if you research only limited searches. The tools are Ubersuggest and Semscoop.

The best ever free tool is Google trends. It is used to get the trending searches and also get the keyword performing from the past 5 years to till now. You can use this tool to find the trend of the keywords.

Optimize your blog posts with those keywords to rank in the search engines. Then automatically visitors click your affiliate link if the product is attractive to the visitors they will buy and you will earn a commission for the product.

Sell E-book On Your Blog

How to earn money from blogspot
How to earn money from blogspot

Some of the new bloggers don’t know this method, try this method to earn money. If you are well known in a niche and it well worth buying for your visitors then your product will be sold.

How to write an E-book?

If you are familiar with any niche or category then you may write, what people are searching for in your niche. That will brings you to write an e-book and earn money when someone bought your E-book you may get paid for the sale.

If you are using WordPress you may use the Woocommerce free plugin to do business, but in blogger, you may set the payment by code manually in your theme page.


In this article, you will learn that how to earn money from Blogspot and how to earn money in blogger. Blogger is the best platform offered by Google, where you can create your website or your business in the beginning stage.

After you got paid you may buy a domain in an online store like Godaddy and Namecheap, which offers top-level domain at the best price.

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