Reasons for Celebrities Viewing My Instagram Story - Complete Guide


    In this article, I bring you the interesting thing about Instagram facts. I will give you the information of why the verified users in Instagram keep watch stories on the small users. It means unverified or having small followers in their Instagram account. Let us see a detailed review of it.

    Who are all Verified Users?

    In the Instagram profile, the verified badge denotes the celebrity or the brands in the global. It shows that the account verified in the Instagram and authentic account of the person.

    How many followers to get verified on Instagram?

    If you have a unique style or brand page on the Instagram account. Then you may proceed to request the verified badge on Instagram.

    If you build your audience then you are ready for the verified badge. Better you may request when you have above 10K real and engaged followers.

    Why do verified users view your story?

    celebrities viewing my instagram story

    You must notice that some of the verified users. that means having a blue tick for their Instagram account are viewing your stories.

    If You have a private account on Instagram, then there are no chances to watch your stories by the verified users. If you will approve a user as a follower then only they view your story if they interested.

    Or else if you have a public account there are chances to view your stories and content by the verified users.

    If you want to grow your public account then you may try to increase your user engagement. and try to post regular content with the trending hashtags on Instagram.

    You have a question about Why they watch your stories? And what is the reason for watching stories in your account?

    If you think about it I will answer those questions. Which will gives you a clear idea about the viewing story by verified users.

    Why do Verified people keep viewing my stories on Instagram?

    The users do not keep watching your stories on Instagram. They have a bot it keeps watching the stories on Instagram. Do you want to know about the bot? let me explain.

    The bot called as Mass Story view. It can automatically watch the stories of millions of people when we set the bot to do. This was the secret behind the viewing stories by the verified users on the small users in Instagram.

    What is the purpose of doing this on Instagram?

    The main purpose of watching the stories is to increase user engagement for their account. and increase the impressions of their content created by the users.

    For example

    If a person sees a verified user viewed their story on Instagram. Then automatically the person will visit the profile and see the photos, reels, and stories of the verified users. This will increase the user engagement and impressions of the verified users.

    Some of the users on Instagram may put a screenshot of it and make a story by tagging him/her in their story. It makes free marketing for the verified users for the new followers.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Can celebrities see your Instagram stories?

    Yes, there are chances to see your stories by the celebrities on instagram. but it may found on the explore tab.

    Can verified Instagram accounts see who views?

    No, Instagram won't tell about who viewed your profile or photos or reels. If you see their stories then the account will able to see your profile.

    And also while seeing their followers and following there are no chances to see your account.

    Can nonfollowers see my instagram story?

    If your account has public then your non-followers are able to see your Instagram story. But if your account has private then your non-followers are not able to see your story when you approved them.

    Why are random verified accounts viewing my story on Instagram?

    Some of the verified users on the Instagram are get followers by paid methods and also by services. 

    So, the services are help to grow the verified Instagram account by viewing the random person story on Instagram.


    This article will help you to know about the secrets of why verified users keep watching your stories.

    Some of the real verified users like celebrities, brands, and influencers sawed other small user's stories on Instagram. And encourage them to do.

    Not all verified users are doing the method. Some of the verified users are using this method to get engagement for their Instagram account.

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