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youtube trending algorithm

Here I bring you an interesting article about, how does the YouTube algorithm works on the trending page. and you will learn about how a video will trend on the trending page of YouTube. Let’s not delay the time to get into the topics.

What is Trending Video?

I can say in simple words about trending. If a video watched by lakhs or millions of people within a short time then that is called trending. Then the video will appear on the trending page of youtube.

How people will get trending for their youtube videos?

youtube trending algorithm

On YouTube, there are so many content creators are posting videos daily and many of their videos got trending on youtube.

Some of the creator's videos will be got to the trending page within two hours. And the traffic came from the subscribers and social media if they share the video.

Why trending is so important?

Trending is important to YouTubers and viewers. If a video will get on the trending page then a person saw their channel. and subscribe to their channel if they interested to see their videos.

For example

If your video will trending on the YouTube page. And then some of your unsubscribe people will watch your videos. It gains views for the video and gets engagement to your channel.

In the future, the viewer interested to view your videos. It means they subscribe to your channel when your channel videos are attractive to them.

How does the YouTube algorithm work in terms of trending video?

We don’t judge and know about the YouTube algorithm easily. It may be the chance to get on the trending page on YouTube. Let’s see.

On YouTube, if you are publishing a video in a time then your audience (Subscribers) will come and watch your video. This was a normal fact when you are publishing videos on YouTube.

But while on trending video, if your audience came and watch the videos. and they gave engagement where Like, Dislike, Comment, and Share within a short period of time to your videos.

It makes to say to the YouTube algorithm that the video becomes more engaged with their audience.

Most of the trending videos are uploaded recently by the creators. So recent videos are became trending on YouTube.

Then it leads to becoming on the trending page of YouTube.

Although some of the creators on YouTube have a huge number of social media followers. If they share the video link on social media. then it may become a trend on YouTube if the video gets more engagement.

And also we can predict some of the trends. Before it trends like A music of a movie, movie trailer or teaser and popular artist videos.

The algorithm is a robot but it works like a human. We don’t predict it easily. The trending page will automatically be updated by every 15 minutes approximately.

At the 15 minutes, some of the videos move up, move down and get the same position. The trending may decide by the audience.

For example

Some of the small creators have a small audience and real. The audience makes the video fully engaged by likes, comments, and shares.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I get my YouTube video to go viral on the trending page?

Make your videos at the perfect length and keep engaged with your audience. Use a perfect thumbnail for the videos which makes attention to the visitors to view your video.

Place the right keywords in the title, description, and tags. And promote in your social media if you have a huge number of followers.

How does the trending page works?

Every 15 minutes, the trending page will be automatically updated. The videos sorted by gaining more engagement. The list of the trending videos maybe move up, move down, or at the same position. It may depend on the engagement of the particular video.

Who broke the YouTube algorithm?

In youtube, a channel run by a young person called Mr.beast.who upload the videos from the age of 12.

At the age of 12, he uploads videos related to gaming and also streams games on the youtube platform. Mr beast is the YouTuber who beat or broke the youtube algorithm.

 What algorithm does YouTube use? 

Youtube uses a metric to calculate the views and subscribers of a channel. the metric is called view velocity. It will decide that when the videos get a higher rank on youtube.


After reading this article finally you may have a clear idea about how does the youtube algorithm work on the trending page.

This was the secret behind the YouTube algorithm on the trending page.

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