Raegr gan charger | Raegr gan charger Price and Review


Here, I bring you an interesting gadget that you will use regularly. In this article, we will discuss and see about the raegr gan charger.

RAEGR GaN Charger Specifications

raegr gan charger

RAEGR company launches or made a new product or gadget that is useful for daily purposes with multi-support.

The gadget is a Charger which will decrease the time of charging your phone and save your time alot.

And the name of the charger was introduced as RAEGR RapidLink 1150 GaN. This charger is built with smaller USB Ports and it is compact for users for charging mobiles.

You can charge Products like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and game consoles using this RAEGR Gan charger.

This product is made with gallium nitrate chip technology. So, the charging time is faster and you can use two devices at the same time to charge. 

This is the main highlight of the RAEGR Gan Charger.

In the build of charger, they give USB Type-C Port with 65 W charging capability and in USB Type-A port to charge more than 18 W.

In the build of the RAEGR Gan charger, there is a safeguard chip that prevents your devices from overheating, excessive current, and overcharging

So, you can put this charger on your device from everywhere at any time. This chip will protect your devices.

The price of the raegr gan charger is INR 3,999 on amazon. And also there is a coupon available which will reduce half of the amount.

This Fast Charger Was invented and discovered in Bangalore, India 

For further details about this product, you may visit RAEGR official site.

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