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In this article, I will give you the most popular and exclusive landing page blogger template. Here you will get free landing page templates for bloggers.

Here I provide you the most popular 5 landing page templates. let we will see one by one.

1. Sound Studio Landing page template

This template looks professional and also it is perfectly suitable for business purposes. By viewing this template, you can see it has a sound template.

But you can change the template with your business suitable.

About this template:

Slideshow showing at the top of the page and changes every 5 seconds.

On the slideshow, there is a clickable button available.

At the below of the slide show, you can add service with logo and description.

At the below of the service, you can add the featured images and move them for left and right.

And you can explain your services with icons, heading and also put a description for the service.

At the end of the page, you can add your team member more than 5 in a single line.

By adding your team members you can add their social links and about the work with the percentage.

You can able to add a price with a different variant if you are doing some services.

At last, you can add your company address, contact form, and your email address with social buttons.


The web page looks slideshow when scrolling down. It attracts visitors.

Navigation is easy when clicking the navigation menu.

Add multiple photos in your profile tab.


2. Copywriter Landing page Blogger template

This template looks creative and it has suitable for doing freelancer services. You can edit this template at your convenience.

About this template:

At the top, you can see the slideshow in which you can add your button with a clickable link.

Below you can see about adding images and descriptions. It highlights when we move the cursor on them.

At the below of the about you can add only two employees with image and add about him or quotes in the description.

You can add different images with different categories when clicking.

At the end of the page, you can add your location, contact form, and address with social links.


  • The template looks simple and decent
  • Highlights the text and images when touching
  • Desktop and tablet friendly pages
  • Adding your location by google map


3. Mono landing page template

This template really looks more attractive and the build of the template is awesome

About this template:

At the top of the template, you can see the image with animation which attracts the user.

At below, you can add your services with icon-image and description.

By scrolling down you can see there is an image left and right where you can add some description about the image. You can add descriptions related to the image where you will upload.

And also you can add a video to this template.

And also you can add your business social media at the end.


  • Fast loading pages
  • Animation images present
  • Looks professional and attractive
  • Insert video also
  • Add your partners by their logo

This template is perfectly suitable for the app which you have launched in the play store for that you can make a website professional. SO, this template will attract the user.


4. Lumb landing page template

This template looks simple but attracts the user when we scroll it.

About this template:

The opening of the template looks like a slide show. when we move the cursor from top to bottom the first time we open the page we can see it.

You can add your pricing if you are doing some services.

You can add your services by writing descriptions with the image.

And also there is a subscribe letter within the build with the site.

At the end of the page, you can add your contact information like address, contact number, and email id.


  • The slideshow looks attractive.
  • Subscription present within the site.
  • Desktop and tablet-friendly pages.
  • Highlights when touching the images.

5. Flatty app landing page template

This template is suitable for app websites. If you are having an app in the play store then you have an idea to create a website about the app means use this template.

About this template:

There is a sticky available which denotes social media like Facebook and Twitter.

You can add your features with images and descriptions.

There is a preview available where you can add your app images.

And also you can add your team members up to three with images and their social accounts.

At last, you can add the contact us form.


  • Fast loading in your browser.
  • Preview slideshow visible.
  • Subscriber button available.
  • Simple template but eye-catching.


I am sure that this landing page will help you to develop your blog or website or any other business. If you are not satisfied with this template you may get more templates by searching it on google.

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