Arrived ! Ola Electric Scooter | Ola Electric Scooter Purchase starts Today


Most of the readers may know about the electric scooter that may start booking from June. And the name is "Ola Electric scooter".

In this article, we will know about some of the information about the ola electric scooter. let's get started.

How it gets started?

On the June 2021, Ola company launches a headline which was they will launch an Ola electric scooter. Most of the people are start searching and browsing about it at that time.

On July 2021, Ola starts the online booking for the Ola electric scooter. In the past 24 hours, they got more than 1 lakh bookings for the electric scooter. Which may not share or register by the Ola.

And then today September 8, 2021, they start the purchase of the electric scooter from today onwards. This makes people excited about the electric scooter.

Ola Electric Scooter

Ola electric scooter bookings and specifications

In this electric scooter, there are two variations available. Which are S1 and S1 pro.

The price range of the Ola electric scooter S1 is INR 99,999 and Ola electric scooter S1 pro is INR 1, 29,999.

By coming in the color, more than 10 colors are available. Below I mentioned the various colors.

How will book the Ola electric scooter?

From now there are no dealers for the Ola electric scooter. So, if you buy means you need to book it online.

Here I will tell you the procedure for the bookings.

  1. Enter into the official website for the Ola electric
  2. After that you may see the Designs and specifications
  3. On the website, you will see the button “Reserve for 499”. Click the button to book
  4. After that, Enter your payment and your book will succeed.

First Bookings

The first booking started in august month. Most of the people are start booking by paying INR 499.

Those who booked the electric scooter they will expect the deliveries from today onwards.

Services and Repairs

They say that, if any problem occurs in the scooter they will come to your home and repair it. You don't need to go for shop or any company to service the electric scooter.

You can book the service from their app itself. The service will become a comfort to you.


Ola Electric Scooter S1 Model

  • The maximum speed of the scooter is 90 kilometers per hour
  • In this bike there are two modes are available. They are Normal and Sports mode.
  • The colors are White, Sky blue, Red, Black, and Yellow.

Ola Electric Scooter S1 Pro Model

  • The maximum speed will be 115 Kilometres per hour.
  • There are three modes available. They are Normal mode, Sports mode, and Hyper mode.
  • There are four colors are available, which include gradient colors also.


If you want to get more specifications about the electric scooter means visit the official site.


By reading the article, I believe that you will get information, specifications and booking status of the Ola electric scooter.

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