How to create a website in blogger without hosting and without domain


In this article,  I will tell you How to create a simple web page design in HTML and the best blogging site to earn money. 

Many of the students and teenagers are willing to do part-time jobs. Such as digital marketing, content making, affiliate marketing, and so on.

best blogging site to earn money

  • In that list, many of them are coming to create a website, But some of them do not know the proper way to create a website on the internet.
  • They are so many ways to create a website or blog on the internet. Here, you will learn about the creation of a website in the blogger.
  • I will give you the perfect steps that will be useful before you create a website.

What are the benefits of a Google blogger website?

best blogging site to earn money

Google offers you to create a website without any cost. Let us see the benefits that are in the Google blogger website.

Blogger is a website that gives a free subdomain ( which helps you to make a better website. And also they give several templates if you do not like that means there is a way to change the templates.
They are so many professional templates available on the internet.

Blogger includes you to add a custom domain. So you may buy any domain (.in, .com, .xyz) and connect it with a blog.

It may help you to grow faster if your posts are good and unique. And also indexed in the search engines.

These are the main benefits of the blogger and there are so many benefits to using the google blogger website.

“When you use it, you know it “

How to create a website in Blogger? (Step by Step)

best blogging site to earn money

First of all, you enter into the blogger site. and then you need to log in or signup. if you already have a Gmail account you log in to that mail and connect with the blogger. 

If you don’t have G-mail then you create a mail by Signup button.

Steps to create a blog without any paid and free web hosting

Step 1: Open your browser and search Blogger in the search engine which you used. And choose the first result shown on your browser. it goes to the blogger site.

Step 2: After you get entry into the blogger site you may see an interface in that site, select Create Your Blog

Step3: If you select the create blog it redirects to the G-mail account, if you have an account login into the account or SignUp to create a new email ID.

Step4: After you get into the login you may see a confirmation window. that asks your blogger profile name, after entering the name choose the continue to blogger button.

Step5: when you complete the profile confirmation you may get entry into the blogger site. In that, in the right corner, there is the option Create Your Blog select that option.

Step6: After selecting the create your blog that may ask your blog name and blog address. Enter a valid blog name and blog address.

Now your blog will be created and you are ready to post articles. Once you are post articles regularly your blog will grow faster and get more traffic.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which is the free blog site that they will earn money?

Blogger is the best site to create your site for free without any investment like domain and hosting. and also you will earn money from this blogger platform.

Which is the best site for blogging?

There are many sites are available for blogging. such as WordPress, Blogger, and so on.
while comparing cost blogger is best to create a site without any investment. 

where you compare the quality and some best practices means you choose WordPress.


I think this article will get an idea about the blogging sites and also design in blogging. If you are willing to do online marketing or digital marketing means ALL THE BEST.

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