How to Build a website with WordPress Bluehost (step by step)

How to Build a website with WordPress on Bluehost


    In this article, you will learn about the complete guide of what is blue host, Bluehost price, Bluehost plan, and how to use Bluehost with WordPress.

    How to start a blog with Bluehost

    How to Build a website with WordPress Bluehost

    Before starting a blog you must know about Bluehost plans and what are the benefits of choosing to host in the Bluehost? Let us see a brief explanation of the Bluehost website.

    How popular blue host is?
    How to Build a website with WordPress Bluehost

    Here I provide the graph from the past 20 years to till now. So you are able to see the graph of the Bluehost compared to the other hosting.

    It shows that how many people are interested to search the Bluehost in the google search engine. for their Bluehost domain registration and also hosting.

    The graph shows the popularity and trustability of the people who are all interested in the Bluehost and also work with the Bluehost.

    Pros of Bluehost web hosting

    Free TLD domain:
    How to Build a website with WordPress Bluehost

    If you are buy hosting in the Bluehost then you may get a free top level domain (TLD) for one year. After that, you will be renewal it.

    Free SSL certificate:
    How to Build a website with WordPress Bluehost

    In Bluehost, they provide free Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate when your buy the hosting. It helps to indicates to google that your site is secure for the visitors. If you don’t have the SSL certificate means then google shows that this website is not secure, for the visitors.

    Customer support at any time

    How to Build a website with WordPress Bluehost
    They support you anytime with chat and also call. They provide a number on their website, you may call and ask for support.

    Super fast hosting

    It is super fast hosting and there is no slow loading page while loading your website anywhere in the world.

    Install WordPress

    In this hosting, there is a simple way to install WordPress. With one click you were able to download the WordPress application in the latest and secure version.

    Cons of Bluehost hosting

    Less storage on the basic plan
    How to Build a website with WordPress Bluehost

    On the Bluehost website, the basic plan has less storage has 50 GB SSD storage. And also in the basic plan, we are able to host only one website as they provide. The basic plan cost 2.40 dollars.

    How to start a blog with Bluehost

    If you are interested to start a blog in Bluehost then you may use WordPress to create your blog or website. There are so many platforms to start a blog.

    But, WordPress makes your work easier and reduces the time while you doing SEO research and internal linkings.

    The first step to start your blog with the Bluehost is to choose a perfect Bluehost plan to host your blog in it.


    Three plans are available in the Bluehost, they are Basic plan, Plus plan, and Choice plus plan. You can choose any one of the plans for your suitable Bluehost price.


    After choosing the hosting plan it will ask to create a domain or existing domain. Here you may create a domain for free for one year.


    In the third step, it will ask for your personal information like name, address, phone number, and after entering the information

    It will ask for the payment information once your payment successful you are redirect to a new page which was the fourth step.


    In the fourth step, you need to create a new password for your Bluehost account. Then it will redirect the page into the Cpanel.


    In the fifth step, you need to install the WordPress application in the Cpanel. It asks that enter the domain for WordPress.

    With one click you are able to install WordPress. but it may take some time to complete the installation process.

    After completion of the installation, it will give you the username and password of the WordPress and URL.

    For Example:


    At the final step, you are able to log in to your WordPress blog with your new domain.

    And you customize your WordPress blog by installing plugins and writing the articles.

    These are the step by step processes that how to start a blog with Bluehost.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is WordPress good to use with Bluehost?

    Yes, it is recommended for WordPress. On the Bluehost website, they provide that :

    • Install WordPress automatically
    • And will give free TLD domain for 1 year
    • Keep updating regularly your wordpress
    • Secure the login information.

    Is Bluehost good for blogging?

    Yes, Bluehost is the best place to start blogging with WordPress applications. WordPress application gives you the best experience to start and run a blog with the Bluehost website.

    Can you make money blogging on Bluehost?

    Yes, you can make money by blogging with the Bluehost website. After getting the Bluehost hosting, you can start run your blog by putting your own ads, doing the affiliate, and get Adsense approval to earn money.


    Here you can get an idea about what is Bluehost and how to use Bluehost with WordPress.

    So if you didn’t know, how to start a blog with the Bluehost means this is the best place to know the information and tips.


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