How to use Google analytics for blogger


Some of the new bloggers are don’t know about google analytics and how to use Google analytics for blogger. Here I will explain to you what is the use of google analytics and how can we use it in the blogger to develop our website. Let us see one by one.

What is Google analytics?

Google Analytics helps you to know your audience and research where is the traffic came from. and also detailed statistics for your website or if you have a youtube channel.

How to use Google analytics for blogger?

How to use Google Analytics for blogger

The main use of google analytics for the blogger is to track your website. It gives information about where are your audience came into your site.

By using google analytics, you are able to see where your audience is? And also you are able to see the traffic of your website and also your youtube channel.

It gives detailed traffic information. some of the traffics are direct traffic, organic traffic, social traffic, and any referral link from another site.

Can I use google analytics for free?

Google Analytics is free to use and also it has a paid version. The paid version shows the advanced features. and collects some data from the users in the paid version of google analytics.

How do I connect the google analytics in blogger?

How to use Google Analytics for blogger

Before connecting your blog to google analytics, you have a google analytics account. And you have the tracking id to track your site.

Here I will explain the process steps to connect your google analytics on blogger. Don’t get confused.

Step 1:

First, you need to sign into the blogger that you want to track the analytics from your site

Step 2:

And at the left side of the blogger, go to settings then you may see the Google Analytics property ID. If you have already had the tracking code in Google analytics then enter it.

If you did not create the tracking code, then create it Here. And enter it in the Google Analytics property ID.

These are the simple ways to connect your blogger to google analytics.

How do I add a global tag to Blogger?

Global tag helps you to provide detailed analytics for your website or blog. You may know where is the tracking code available from the above steps.

At the below of the tracking code, you may able to see the global site tag in the website tracking sections. Simply copy the code and paste it below the head tag in the EDIT HTML page.

Why Google analytics stats and blog traffic stats differ? Which is correct?

The correct stats is google analytics. In google analytics, we are able to see from where the traffic came by in-depth like country, city, mobile, or computer and timings.

In blogger stats, we are able to see the traffic of the country and referral link alone. So, google analytics provides the right information.


This article will help you to know about what is google analytics? and how to connect google analytics for your blogger.

If you are a beginner in the blogging field this tool will help you to learn who is your audience and how the traffic comes from your website. It is useful to post related content by knowing your audience.

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