What is Personal Blog? Personal Blog Meaning in Hindi- Complete Guide


In this article, I will explain to you what is a personal blog and personal blog meaning in hindi. And also by doing personal blog you will earn money, while your content are good for the visitors. Let get into the topic

What is personal blog?

personal blog meaning in hindi
personal blog meaning in hindi

Personal blog is a blog that contains information or details about a person. who wrotes the article in their own blog. And in the personal blog the author shares their own experience of food, travel, vlog and whatever.

So this blog known as the personal blog.

What is the use of the personal blog?

There are so many uses and advantages of the personal blog. While writing personal blog , you need freedom to write about your personal and publish it.

The advantage of the personal blog is, there is no niche or no category for the personal blog. Whatever you think you may write in your personal blog.

How do I create a personal blog?

personal blog meaning in hindi
personal blog meaning in hindi

Before start a blog you need to buy a unique domain name. it may be look professional to the visitors.

Before Create a Blog

If you are creating a blog on the internet means there are many platforms available. while creating a personal blog I suggest you create your personal blog in the blogger or wordpress.

If you are willing to invest money at the beginning stage then you may choose wordpress to create your blog. If you have a hosting, then only you are able to work with the wordpress.

Some of the best hostings websites are available. So you buy it and work with wordpress if you are invest money in the beginning stage.

If you are not have the money to invest money for the wordpress site then I suggest you to create a blog in the blogger.

In blogger, they give you a free subdomain (yourdomain.blogpsot.com)for your blog. But if you have enough money then you may buy a top level domain.

Customize your blog

personal blog meaning in hindi
personal blog meaning in hindi

You must have the question that how to customize and looks like a professional blog. The simple answer is your blogger template or theme. It plays the role of the customization.

Here I provide the best personal blogger template that makes your blog looks attractive to your visitors.

In wordpress, you will able to customize your theme with the help of the elementor plugin. Here I provide the two themes that are responsive and give the best user experience for the visitors.

  1. Astra
  2. Generate press

These two themes are best for the wordpress.

How to make money on the personal blog?

personal blog meaning in hindi
personal blog meaning in hindi

If you have a blog or website, then you are able to earn money in online.

In the blog, you are providing unique content, and have high quality means you apply for Google Adsense and get approved to make money by the google ads.

The another best way to earn money on your blog is, to join affiliate networks. and promote the right products or services to your visitors. Some of your visitors are buy those products or services you may earn some commission.

Frequently asked questions

Can I create personal blog for free?

Yes, you are able to create a personal blog for free without buy of domain and hosting. With the help of the blogger you are able to create a free personal blog.

What is the use of personal blog?

It used to share your journey as a diary and also share to the audience who are all search the content or have a journey about you.

And also it uses to make a memorable moments whenever you open your personal blog and read it. You also share your journey (Personal blog) to your friends and relatives also.

Personal blogs will success for blogging?

Yes, posting regular posts and also engaged with your audience makes you success in the personal blog. And also the content makes you to grow your blog and also your articles.


In this article you will know about what is the personal blog and personal blog meaning in hindi.

Those who read the article and start a personal blog means, I wish you to get succeed in your blog.

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